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beach bullying!!!

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prepare to be pummelled cheerfully, jauntily, and completely one-sidedly!

nonon print for AX!

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I’m pretty sure this joke has been made but I needed to draw something holy shit

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raeosunshine: 2 7 15 25! 

2: Think of the last person who hurt you; do you forgive them?
i sure do

7: Have you ever slept on a couch with someone else?
yeah! i nap on the couch w/ rae a lot

15: Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?
this is hard for me i love booooOOOTH i guess it depends on the weather

25: What’s on your mind? 
what i’m gonna do w/ the rest of my day

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hey friends!!! I’m in serious need of some hot American dollars, so I’m selling some costumes. I’m super proud of these, but I’m just not sure when (if ever?) I’m gonna wear these again and I really need the money :< 

SAKURA includes:
white dress with extra large back bow (attached)
3 light pink underskirts
cat ears + bow (bow is underneath head/by the nape of the neck)
neck bow
leg bow
gloves lace cuffs +bows
[DOES NOT include socks, gloves (only the elastic cuffs with lace and bows!) wand, wig, or shoes]
shoes size 8 are available for an extra $40! they’re super cute lolita shoes that i’m never gonna wear outside of the costume lol
dress is made of some really nice duchess satin and is somewhat loose, should fit a small to medium but i can give measurements if needed. WORN ONCE

YASUHO includes:
hat with trim & spikes
yellow top with fur trim and lining
leather skirt with lining & all flowers (attached)
leg warmers
shoes (size 8)
this one is bit size-specific, I’ll give measurements if you need them. WORN TWICE

MEOW includes:
entire kigu (zips up back, includes attached tail)
green sarong
brown belt & pouch (fits large smartphones!)
crocs (size 10)
the kigu is fleece + one layer of batting + plush stuffing in legs + spandex lining. very comfy & very warm! fits small to medium (possibly a smaller sized large). WORN ONCE

if you need any extra info or have any simple commission requests, feel free to message me here or on my facebook page!! all prices shown on the photo DO NOT include shipping, shipping will depend on where you live! any reblogs are extremely appreciated!!! thanks dudes! 

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Husky / /

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Drown by: Rt

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they’re painting each other and terribly look at these literal nerds

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send me stupid tmi stories and i’ll share some too kay

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