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Kaneki injected with the truth serum 

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alMOST DONE /wheezes

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ロンパログ2 By あいし

※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.

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進撃ログ10 | やと
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Worlds greatest guitarist

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These two wigs and more are up for sale!  I’m trying to make a little extra cash to help out with my bills, and I have a bunch of wigs that I don’t use anymore!

  • All wigs are the listed price OBO, and they do NOT include the cost of shipping!
  • Sorry, no international shipping!

All are listed with pictures and prices below the read more (Sorry to those on mobile, this is a long post!)
The master post here will be edited whenever one is sold or put on hold, so make sure to CHECK THE ORIGINAL POST before you ask me about a wig! (I will hold it for maybe ONE DAY, so if you want it please be serious about it!)

If you’re interested, please send me an ask!

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I will be queen

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I'm so stupid.

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