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Beautiful shots by the very talented WeNeals Photography from Anime Expo this year!

I am Marshall Lee and the beautiful Marceline is the talented Yirico!

The art designs for these are by mookie000!

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Myself and the lovely Kat in our butlers and bunnysuits outfits from our AT group at AX <3

Photographer is dtjaaaam at Flickr!

Art design by mookie000 <3

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reuploading in light of recent adventure time happenings!


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I’m cute as hell.

Cosplayer / Photographer

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Lorien is a super awesome Marshal Lee I mean wow

JFKDLA; they look so great emily thank you ahhh!!

my face in the third picture dear god

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This picture is from like February.

Shot taken and edited by Emily <3

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I’m cool as hell.

shamelessly steals from Aubrey’s facebook <33

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This shot is just plain cool ok

Photo by Emily

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A teaser shot from my Marshall Lee photoshoot this weekend <3

Photo by the wonderful Emily

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